Cheeky Peachy Power Band

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Set includes:

  • Midnight Purple Power Band (20-45kg equivalent, 208x3.2cm)

Your new bestie! Meet THE POWER BAND!

Seamlessly integrate this resistance band into any workout. This band is a great alternative to gym equipment. It is small, compatible and comes in a convenient carry bag, perfect for home, gym or travelling workouts! Made from 100% natural latex, this Power Band is free of non-natural Thermoplastic Elastomer! This medium/heavy band is perfect for intermediate and advanced training levels.

Key features:

  • Can be used for gym, home or travelling workouts

  • Medium - advanced level (20-45kg) 

  • Perfect alternative to gym equipment 

  • Can be combined with other fitness equipment 

  • Used as a form of resistance, but also to aid exercises i.e pull ups

  • Comes with a convenient carry bag

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Seriously exceeded my expectations! Do not underestimate!