Latex & Fabric Booty Resistance Band Bundle (Gym & Home Workouts)

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Fabric Booty Resistance Band options include:

  • Small (Grey - Heavy Resistance) 66cm x 8cm (60-80kg equivalent)

  • Medium (Pink - Heavy Resistance) 76cm x 8cm (60-80kg equivalent)

  • Medium (Blue - Moderate Resistance) 76cm x 8cm (40-60kg equivalent)

  • Medium (Purple - Light Resistance) 76cm x 8 cm (20-40kg equivalent)

  • Large (Teal - Heavy Resistance) 86cm x 8cm (60-80kg equivalent)

**If you are unsure which band is right for you, please see our FAQs page for more details by clicking here.

Set includes:

  • Cheeky Peachy Fabric Band

  • 0.35mm Extra Light Band (9-18kg equivalent)

  • 0.4mm Light Band (14-23kg equivalent)

  • 0.7mm Medium Band (18-27kg equivalent)

  • 0.9mm Heavy Band (23-32kg equivalent)

  • 1.1mm Extra Heavy Band (28-37kg equivalent)

  • Carry bag

  • All latex bands are size 60 x 5cm

Why do you need a Cheeky Peachy Fabric Resistance Band?

Well let's be honest, all awesome people have one! Our fabric bands have been designed with the ideal resistance to activate & stimulate your lower body muscles. They are the most comfortable bands you will ever use and are extremely supportive. Your lower body muscles are automatically stimulated when you put on the band and apply tension, to enhance muscle activation throughout your workout. Oh! and did we mention, you no longer need to worry about the band slipping down or riding up, there are rubber strips along the inside to ensure it stays where it should! 

These bands are a definite must for those wanting to take their lower body training to the next level, especially those with the goal of increasing glute activation. With high durability these bands will not stretch out of shape, meaning consistent tension for improved results and performance. 

 Why do you need Cheeky Peachy Resistance Bands?

Ummmmm, because the colours are awesome... Even though that is entirely true! There is much more benefits to these bands besides being an awesome instaworthy fitness picture accessory!  

Our 5 piece latex band set are made of 100% natural latex, free of non-natural Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), enviromentally friendly and of course come without that nasty rubber smell. Did we mention this is also a 5 pack? That is right, this pack has your back for all types of training, from small to large muscle groups, beginners to advanced level and recovery to muscle definition. These bands come in a convent carry bag making them easy to use at home, in the gym or to take with you while travelling. The latex band set can be used to Activate, Stimulate and Accentuate all muscle groups and joints, don't just isolate its use to Peachy, explore with advanced upper body exercises and core activation. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Breanna Pritchard

Really good, great for beginners

Maria Petrella
Another Booty Burner

This is the original set I purchased that came with the latex bands. But because at the time and as usual, I like to just buy everything I need / want in one go. So originally I was going to get the pink band but because the other set already came with Pink , I thought to get a complete different colour that I didn't already have in my cart to grow my collection. And boy , I got Blue - moderate . A decision I'm glad I made, definitely a burn in muscles, intense workout and styles up the collection. xx

Love it

Love the bands and good material

Kirsten Grogan
Amazing booty bands

So happy with these booty bands. I can tell they are made well compared to others I’ve used in the past making for a much more comfortable work out. I especially love the fabric booty band- so comfy and what a burn! I will be purchasing more of these!

Eliza Grey

Great product