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Introducing our ultimate Gym Bag Bundle, curated to elevate your fitness game to new heights! Packed with must-have accessories, this bundle is designed to optimise your workouts with premium quality gear.

Included in this bundle:

1. Essential Fabric Resistance Booty Band Bundle (Gym & Home Workouts) + FREE Workout eBook: Perfect for targeting glutes and enhancing lower body workouts.

Resistance Booty Band Set includes:

  • Light Resistance (Purple) (20-40kg equivalent)

  • Moderate Resistance (Blue) (40-60kg equivalent)

  • Heavy Resistance (Pink) (60-80kg equivalent)

  • 30 Day Workout Ebook

  • Carry bag

2. Barbell Pad with Straps and Carry Case: Ensure comfort and stability during heavy lifts with this durable pad.

Key features:

  • Comes with two lock in straps and a carry bag 
  • Two colours available, black and pink 
  • Foam sponge, high quality material to support heavy loads 
  • Perfect for weight lifting, squats and hip thrusts 
  • Reduces stress on areas of the body carrying heavy load 
  • Cheeky little quote: "after this I'm getting pizza"

3. Latex Booty Resistance Bands - Set Of 5 + Workout eBook (Gym & Home Workouts): Versatile bands for adding resistance to various exercises, ideal for strength training and rehabilitation.

Resistance Booty Band Bundle includes:

  • 30 Day Kickstart Program - Latex (downloadable)

  • 0.35mm Extra Light Band (9-18kg equivalent)

  • 0.4mm Light Band (14-23kg equivalent)

  • 0.7mm Medium Band (18-27kg equivalent)

  • 0.9mm Heavy Band (23-32kg equivalent)

  • 1.1mm Extra Heavy Band (28-37kg equivalent)

  • 30 Day Workout Ebook

  • Carry bag

  • All bands are size 60 x 5cm

4. FREE bonus item: Choose between Sliders for smooth gliding movements or Power Bands for extra resistance and dynamic workouts.

With our Gym Bag Bundle, you'll have everything you need to crush your fitness goals. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your workouts and achieve your best results yet! Order now and experience the difference.

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