Cheeky Peachy was created and developed by Exercise Physiologist's to enhance your training experience through the correct activation and stimulation of certain muscles and muscle groups.

“In clinic we use resistance bands all the time with the aim of activating our clients correct muscle to facilitate rehabilitation. During our own training and fitness coaching we couldn’t help but notice that many people are over stimulating their already over active muscles and under stimulating their under active ones. This is done completely involuntary and without purpose or awareness. It was at this point we realised, why are we not adopting the same principles of rehabilitation/sport science to the fitness industry? And why can’t we make it fun?! So along came Cheeky Peachy”

Cheeky Peachy has been established with the key purpose to Activate, Stimulate & Accentuate. We love woman within the health & wellness industry and love how women are starting to increase their knowledge around the benefits of resistance training. We hope that with the assistance from our Cheeky Peachy range we can not only assist you with your goals, but provide you with confidence and empowerment while doing so.