Medium (Light Resistance) Cheeky Peachy Fabric Resistance Band

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Our Guarantee: Use this resistance booty band for only 15 minutes a day for 60 days and if you don't see a firmer and stronger booty we will give you your money back, no questions asked!

Not sure what set or band is right for you? Use the chat button on the bottom right hand corner. Give us a little info about your body shape, size, level of fitness and what you plan to use your bands for? This way we can make a recommendation for you. If you make a purchase and are not happy with the recommendation we provided, you can return you bands at no cost to you and we will ship out another you feel will be best. We just want to ensure you are happy and get the most out of your purchase with us ūüėä

Set includes:

  • Medium (Purple - Light Resistance) 76cm x 8cm

  • Carry bag¬†

*If you are unsure which band is right for you, please see our FAQs page for more details by clicking here.

Key features:

  • 20-40kg equivalent¬†

  • Lifetime snap guarantee

  • Designed and manufactured with the strongest materials on the market

  • Anti-rolling high quality material

  • Anti-slip design

  • Comes with a waterproof carry bag¬†

Why do you need a Cheeky Peachy Fabric Resistance Band?

Well let's be honest, all awesome people have one!

Our fabric bands have been designed with the ideal resistance to activate & stimulate your muscles. They are the most comfortable bands you will ever use and are extremely supportive.

Your muscles are automatically stimulated when you put on the band and apply tension, to enhance muscle activation throughout your workout.

Oh! and did we mention, you no longer need to worry about the band slipping down or riding up, there are rubber strips along the inside to ensure it stays where it should! 

These bands are a definite must for those wanting to take their lower body training to the next level, especially those with the goal of increasing glute activation. With high durability these bands will not stretch out of shape, meaning consistent tension for improved results and performance. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Great for in home resistance exercise.

Olivia Killeen

I always thought booty bands were horrendous. I would inwardly groan when an instructor said to grab one for a class. I would spend half my time fixing it, and then pull it off in frustration. No longer. These bands are genuinely fantastic. They stay put, and they don't cut into your legs. I bought a light and a medium, and given I haven't been doing much in lockdown the light was enough to start with! I think I might be bringing my own to classes when I can get back. Thanks so much!

Sonya Todevski

Amazing product! Amazing service! Amazing delivery! Highly recommend

Jasmine Costa

I am super happy with the product and the results that come with it!!


Medium (Light Resistance) Cheeky Peachy Fabric Resistance Band