Barbell Pad with Straps and Carry Case

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We know our Cheeky Peachy community like to lift.... Heavy! But with increased weight comes that extra strain placed on the areas directly holding the load. That is why these Barbell Pads are the perfect addition to your gym bag. Soft enough for a comfortable lift but tough enough to support your load. 

It's time to ditch sharing sweaty over used barbell pads at your gym and walk in with a fresh new one! Oh, and we also chucked on a cheeky little quote, you know, because your not basic! 

Key features:

  • Comes with two lock in straps and a carry bag 
  • Two colours available, black and pink 
  • Foam sponge, high quality material to support heavy loads 
  • Perfect for weight lifting, squats and hip thrusts 
  • Reduces stress on areas of the body carrying heavy load 
  • Cheeky little quote: "after this I'm getting pizza"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shelley Grady

Sooooo good doesn’t move and who doesn’t love the colour 💕💕💕

Courtney Baldacchino

Barbell Pad with Straps and Carry Case

Rawai Poini

love it, love the colour although for conveniency and to save time i would prefer if it was velcro instead of the straps. very annoying always having to take the straps on and off all the time.

Jazz O’brien

Barbell Pad with Straps and Carry Case

Ben Powell
Everybody needs a Pink Barbell Pad

I used this last night when I was at my local gym. I'm not sure what I liked more the comfort, the fact it stayed on the bar or the reminder to get pizza when I finished.
My only complaint it needs a GPS built in because I'm worried it will be stolen when I'm not using it at