Cheeky Peachy Sliders

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Set includes:

  • Set of sliders

  • Carry bag

The awesomeness of Cheeky Peachy Sliders explained:

Sliders are just starting to take the fitness industry by storm. They have the ability to challenge your muscles through instability and vulnerability. Our Cheeky Peachy sliders are ultra light and easy to carry. You can use them at home, in the gym or take them with you while travelling. They are double sided use, meaning the smooth surface can be used for carpets and grass while the foam surface can be used for hardwood, laminate and tile. We absolutely love challenging our core strength and stability with sliders, coupling them with the latex bands for an extra burn.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nerida Gray
Home Rehab made easy

I have found the cheeky peachy sliders excellent and they are helping my knee become stronger every day. I also love that they are 'bright red'.

Holly Dowd
My bum hurts!

Loving the Cheeky Peachy sliders. Makes doing lunges so easy! The band's are amazing quality do ride up or anything. Love them!

Bianca Mamo
Quality on point

I have purchased Booty bands before and they snapped immediately! Yours are next level! Impressed.

Hayley Baker

Love my sliders and bangle weights. Both super functional & super cute, & great experience with the business. Waiting on the drink bottles to restock & I'll be shopping again for sure!

Tennille Price
Probably great

Bought the sliders and bands over a month ago and still haven’t used them…. But I’m sure they’re great and work wonders (: