Why use resistance bands?

So, I know that resistance bands look cool and all, but are they really helping me?

Great question. Considering the blow up in the resistance band market as of recent, it is not unusual to question their reliability.

In today's market there are pretty much two types of products. Products that actually work (which results in increased traction based on their quality and success) and products that have been exposed to some amazing marketing, but are actually just a scam (things like "vitamins" that promise to "melt" off fat - yes I am doing a cheeky eye roll right now). 

We have been using resistance bands in clinic as a means of rehabilitation for yonks! Why? Because it helps us control the tension we place on certain muscles and isolate muscles that are under active. Ever been working on a global exercise, like a squat for example, and even though you are continuously increasing your weight, you struggle to see any muscle gain in your glutes? Yep! We have all been there! It is most likely the result of over activity through your quads, taking most of the load and not allowing your glutes to switch on and start working. This is where a resistance band can be useful. Applying that extra tension as you externally rotate through the exercise encourages the glutes to start firing and BOOM, all of a sudden we start to see improvements.

Let's just keep in mind, not everyone is out there with the goal to achieve major booty gains. Many brands will promote the Kardashian booty like body image to convert your sale, and although resistance bands will assist with growing your cheeky peachy, for some, the use of resistance bands are simply for increasing the strength of your glutes or any specific muscle you are looking to target.  

So in summary, yes the market is starting to become overwhelmed with resistance bands, and no, some brands do not know how they work or why they are so awesome, but yes, if you are putting in the work and struggling to see specific muscle improvements, resistance bands could help get you there in combination with correct placement and good technique!

If you have any further questions feel free to email us at hello@cheeky-peachy.com we are happy to help!